Welcome to our Celebration!

I am a fixer, are you a fixer?  My training tells me to identify a problem, understand the context of the problem and then identify what is broken and then 'fix-it'.  You see I am an engineer and that is how I was trained and how I do a lot of my life.

Given that training, it is not surprising that one of the missing parts of worship for me is often looking at what God has done and celebrating that. Proverbs 46:10 says  "Be still and know that I am God...", and this month is a time of Celebrating what God has done at Breesport for over 150 years. 

Please take the time to celebrate what God has done and is doing in your life and if you have a few minutes what God has done and is doing at Breesport Baptist Church.  Check out a short history of the church, or watch some of the local media coverage.


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