The year 2020 turned out to be a very contentious year that uncovered our very divided cultural climate. This series from the first weeks of 2020 is intended to help us apply the Bible to three very politicized issues: racism and immigration, right to life vs choice, and gender & sexuality.

The series begins by seeking to understand how we, as Christ-followers, are to engage people who do not share our positions. We pray that you will find it a timely and beneficial consideration.




A verse by verse walk through the Gospel of Luke, 2018 through 2020. Pastor Doug Forman is the main teacher, but there are others who will be teaching during times of his absence.


This series explores the effectiveness of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives which are broken and are threatened by sin. No matter what your concerns for today are, the Gospel contains the answers.

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Our God alone sovereignly reigns over all the affairs of heaven and earth. As such, He alone is infinitely worthy of our praise, allegiance, affection, attention and obedience. Therefore, we, as His creatures, more fully approach the ends for which we were made when we allow Him and Him alone to define our purpose.



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