We have begun in-person services as Chemung County continues the journey to opening up.  Breesport Baptist Church created and submitted to the county a reopening plan that was used for the first phase of opening.  While we look forward to being together, you will see that things are not back to normal yet.  Please, if you join us at Breesport please follow the tenants of the plan.  Below is a summary of some of the things that we will ask you to do that will be different from before.  If you want a complete copy of the plan, there is a link in the last line to allow you to download it.  Thank-you

Only come if you are well and to the best of your knowledge have not been exposed to the Corona Virus or are no longer contagious to others

We will be controlling movement through the facility for everyone's safety and to be compliant with CDC recommendations

  1. When you arrive, please park in the large parking lot and come to the front door of the main school entrance next to the gym.  Greeters will help you in that entrance only.

  2. Once seated, you are free to either wear or remove your face-covering.

  3. If you need to leave your seat, you are free to do that, but please return to that seat, and do not forget to wear your face covering outside of the assigned seat!

  4. You will be dismissed at the end of the service and will be directed to exit via one of the multiple exits based on where you are sitting.

We ask that you wear a face-covering anytime you cannot safely distance from others who are not in your family

  1. Please put a face-covering on as soon as you leave your car and wear it until you are seated in the auditorium.  A medical exemption will be made when necessary, please let the greeter know you cannot wear a face-covering and they will expedite your movement to your seat.

  2. When you leave your seat, please put your face covering back on and wear it until you are back in your seat or in your car.

  3. Be courteous to everyone.  Respect other's space.  Respect other's concerns.

We are asking that only one person or family enter a restroom at a time, that you wash your hands well with soap and water, and that you clean and disinfect areas that you have touched while in the restroom before you leave the room.​​

Please do not take pictures in the church.  If you comment on social media please do so in a kind and loving way towards everyone.

We will be taking attendance in case someone does come down with Covid-19.  This is to protect those who might be exposed here, and will not be shared except in the case that someone contracts the virus.  We will not reveal who was potentially ill during the service but would communicate to all those who might have been exposed.  No long term records will be maintained.

We pray for our flock daily.  We want you to have a safe and meaningful worship service every time you are here.  We hope the service will refresh you, encourage you, and glorify God.

To download the original Breesport Baptist Church Regathering Plan, just click on this link.



9:30 am: Adult ABF & ARK/IGNITE
10:45 am: Worship & ARK/IGNITE
(services in-person and online)

1811 N. Chemung Road
Breesport, NY 14816


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