Spring Equip Classes 

Sundays 9:30-10:30 am

What did you Expect?

Teacher: Mike Harris

Room: 408/409 - The Cafeteria

Ages: 18 and up

Course Description: 

Been married a few years, or a lot of years?  Or maybe just looking for a mate.  Or maybe you know someone who is trying to deal with a broken relationship that you desire to help.  This class is of interest to you!  As the title asks, what else should you expect when two sinners try to work together to build a marriage.  No one starts a marriage with the idea that disagreements will arise or that the things that seem small during courtship can and often do derail our relationships.  If you are struggling in your marriage, understand how important Jesus is to having unity and happiness in your marriage. 

Paul David Trip will take us through a video review of his book and provide his insights into what makes people “want what they want” and why God wants something so much better for us.  He will share six commitments that you can make to one another and God to build your marriage into a more godly, steadfast, and effective marriage.  The video will take about 20 minutes, leaving plenty of time to discuss the content and create action plans for your relationship.  Join us as we unpack this book and the fullness of the teachings within.

Church through the ages:  Staying true to Gods Word

Teacher: Rusty Clark

Room: Fellowship Hall

Ages: 18 and up

Course Description: 

This ABF quarter will survey the history of the church from its beginning, as recorded in the book of Acts, up until the present day.  Topics will include church persecution in the early centuries, the Roman Empire’s persecution of and influence on the church, the early church councils, times of doctrinal drifting, the church through the Dark Ages, the Reformation, the influence of science and philosophy in later centuries, and more.  The lives of key historical figures throughout history will be studied in relation to the church.  These include, but are not limited to, Peter, Polycarp, Constantine, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards.

You will be challenged to do further personal study of the church’s history, understanding how God has kept his promise of building his church (Matthew 16:18).   In addition, you will be challenged to personally maintain sound biblical convictions in the face of today’s persecution and error, like many throughout history.  You will leave this quarter with a better understanding of how the church was preserved throughout history, in order to better answer those who may question the church’s historical track record.


These classes run from March 1 to May 31.

About Our Equip Classes:

We provide practical, biblical classes designed to equip you by strengthening your walk with God while increasing your knowledge of His Word. Classes are sometimes divided up by age group, while at other times you can simply choose the class that suits you best. We cover subjects such as:

  • Marriage

  • Family/Parenting

  • Finances

  • Decision Making

  • Bible Book Studies

  • Various Biblical Topics

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