How to Set-Up eGiving

There are three ways you can setup your electronic giving. 


To do it yourself, Just select  on the Give link here or on the menu above.  From that page, you click on the Let's Go Give Button that will take you to the e-giving page.  Click the Create Profile to the right of the screen.  You will then be asked to enter your private information including your credit card or checking account routing numbers.  To make a gift, you can hit the Add Transaction button or log off and you are ready for the next time you want to give.


If you already have an account, just select the Give link above to go to the E-giving page and select the Let's Go Give button and log-in with your account

 information.  Then enter the amount you want to give and on the second page, since you have an account now it should fill in everything except for the CC/DC CCV number found on the back of most card if you are using your Credit Card or Debit Card.


The second way to setup your account is to fill out some paperwork and the Financial Secretary will setup the account and let you know when it is ready.  This option is described on the Give Me the Paper page.  

The third way is only available to iPhone users.  You download the Give+ App from iTunes and do it on your phone.  You can also manage contributions from your phone.

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