Intersect Sunday Frequently Asked Questions

What will this cost me?

You will have to pay for the materials needed for the project. There is no direct cost to you for labor.  The project teams will try to bring tools to complete the job, but if you have tools available, make a note about them in your project request. 


Do I have to attend Breesport Baptist Church?

You do not have to attend BBC or any church for us to come and serve you.  Your church history or lack of it is not important to us in this ministry.  We just want to serve you as a part of our community.

Will you call me later and try to get me to come to your church?

We certainly want to make you feel welcome if you would like to visit the church, but there is no expectation of you visiting.  You may be called if there is any follow-up or to survey you about your project.  The intent of that call would be to make sure we get better at this ministry. 

Will I have to listen to a sermon or anything?

No, we expect some of our people may invite you to visit us at BBC, but there will be no pressure.  At lunch, there will be a prayer of thanksgiving for the meal.  Before the project actually starts, your project team may pray for safety.  Individuals may ask you about your personal belief system out of interest.  There should not be any pressure applied to you regarding your beliefs.


How do you know that your team has the right skills for my project?

We will have individuals who are experienced in construction or lawn care or other areas who will be consulted to ensure the job is within our capabilities.  If it is beyond our abilities or requires any special license or permits to do the work requested, we will let you know and will not accept the project as defined.  If at any time you are uncomfortable with the work being done, you will have a project manager identified whom you can discuss your concerns and if you are not satisfied, they will call the project team to stop.  We will follow-up with you later to evaluate the situation.

What if someone gets hurt?

Each project will be evaluated and appropriate safety equipment will be brought with the teams.  However, sometimes accidents do happen.  This is a church activity and as such, our church carries insurance to cover our liability.  If you see anything that is being done in an unsafe manner, you should discuss it with the project leader and they will are instructed to correct any concern.  If we believe your property is unsafe, we will discuss it with you and if we cannot correct the situation we will pull the project team from the project.


I would like to give the project team a tip, is that possible?

Thank you for your generosity, but individuals are not allowed to take tips and neither are project teams.  There is no plan for any remuneration on our part and we are pleased that our team has done a good job.  We would encourage you just to tell your neighbors or family about your experience and encourage them to be on our list next year and if you desire drop us a thank you note.


I want to leave some specific tasks of the project for me to do or to have done by professionals.  Is this possible?

Yes, when you discuss the project coordinator with we can direct the project team to not do specific parts of the project.  Also, feel free to discuss with the project leader and the team yourself if you see someone going beyond the scope you want to be accomplished.

I have a spiritual question, can I get someone from the church to help me?

Absolutely.  Please feel free to contact us at any time that you want to discuss a theological, spiritual or just to get some personal counsel.  It would be our pleasure to support you any way we can.

Will there be any taxes due or change in property value as a result of this project?

If you are concerned, you can contact your tax advisor or the county assessor; however, we consider it a gift to you and is untaxable from a value perspective and hard to anticipate a project that could be accomplished in a few hours that would impact the assessed value of your property.

I am a renter, can you still do a project for me?

That is really a question you need to ask your landlord.  We do not care if you own the property or not, but we would want to have the permission of the landlord.

I have small children, what will they do at lunch?

We hope they enjoy the picnic, and unless there are very high winds, we will be setting up a bounce house for them to enjoy if you permit them (toddlers and lower elementary school children only).  There will be no nursery or childcare provided.

Is there a cost for the picnic?

No, if you have special dietary needs, please bring your own meal or snack.

When does the request have to be completed?

The request has to be completed and to the church before 8/12!

When will I find out if BBC has chosen my project?

We will let you know as soon as we have time to get through all the requests and make the choice.  Expect this to be around September 1st.  We will communicate the choice as soon as it is made so you have time to make the materials ready.

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