One night each week during the school year, small groups meet in homes for the purpose of moving people toward a closer walk with Christ in a small group environment.

We are committed to helping people become followers of Jesus Christ. It is the mission that drives everything we do as a church. The small group is an ideal place for this mission to be accomplished. In a small group, people study God's Word together and are in a small enough environment to discuss the issues and challenges of life. It's also where they pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don't show up.


You will build spiritually enriching relationships.

You will be in an ideal environment for spiritual growth.

You will be challenged to put God’s truth into practice.

You will be regularly prayed for and cared for.

You will enjoy regular fellowship with other believers.


What is a Small Group?
Groups consist of 5 to 17 people that meet for 9 months for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.

What kinds of groups are there?
We have groups comprised of all ages and stages of life. We will work to find a group that is a good fit for you.

Where do the groups meet?
Groups usually meet in group members’ homes. 

What about childcare?
Childcare is managed by each individual group. Some groups rotate childcare responsibility among group members, some hire a sitter, and some work out childcare needs according to individual family needs. 

When do the groups meet?
Groups meet one night each week during the school year. Groups decide which night of the week is best for them. 

How long do groups stay together?
Groups will meet for a 9-month term throughout the school year. 

How long does each meeting last?
Each group decides the length of time they will meet. Groups normally meet for about one and ½ hours. 

What happens in group meetings?
Though each group differs in how they do things, group meetings include a social time, group discussion, food, and prayer. 

What do groups study?
Groups discuss how to apply the prior week's sermon to their daily lives. 

Can I visit a group before "joining"?
Absolutely. We encourage everyone to check out a group before making a commitment. We hope visiting a group will relieve your natural hesitations and answer your questions. 

How do I join a group?

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2021 Life Groups begin meeting on 9/26/21

LEADER: Jeremiah Ayers

HOSTS: Tom & Dena Jewell

LOCATION: Horseheads, NY 14845

MEETING DAY: Sunday 4:30pm

Intergenerational, Children welcome


Jeremiah Ayers
Ana Ayers
Tom Jewell
Dena Jewell
Andy Rinchack

Amy Rinchak

Gwenn Clark

Dan Williams

Gina Williams

Bob Burdick

Darla Burdick

Chad Hohmann

Jen Hohmann

John Harrington

Renee Harrington

LEADER: Sean Foote

HOSTS: Sean & Melissa Foote

LOCATION: Gillett, PA 16925

MEETING DAY: Sunday 5:00pm

Intergenerational, Children welcome


Sean Foote

Melissa Foote

Tom Dean

Shirley Dean

Barb Cooper

Jim Kellogg

Gina Kellogg

LEADER: Doug Forman

HOSTS: Doug & Michele Forman

LOCATION: Breesport, NY 14816

MEETING DAY: Sunday 4:30pm

Intergenerational, Children welcome


Doug Forman

Michele Forman

Lynn Maki

Mary Morgan

Rocky Morgan

Casey Golden

Candi Golden

Nikki Rexford

Grace Loomis

Shirley Card

John Truxell

Hillary Truxell

LEADER: Andy Shanks

HOSTS: Andy & Kirsten Shanks

LOCATION: Horseheads, NY 14845

MEETING DAY: Sunday 7:30pm

Intergenerational, Children welcome


Andy Shanks

Kirsten Shanks

James Heraghty

Shawn Heraghty

Mary Truxell

Tim Kramer

Sue Kramer

Chris Kwasney

Gwenn Clark

LEADER: Cary Shaw

HOSTS: Cary & Kathy Shaw

LOCATION: Horseheads, NY 14845


Ages 18-29, Singles & Couples


Cary Shaw

Kathy Shaw

Rusty Clark

Michelle Clark

Corey Forman

Marrissa Forman

Haley Miner

Justin Barber

Gabrielle Barber

Hunter King

Allison Clark

Collin Jewell

Kaitlyn Jewell

Morgan Shaw

Halle Kastenhuber

Mandy Perl

Jeremy Perl

Abigail Ayers

Emily Charles

Dathan Corbett

Alex Clark

LEADER: Cody Switzer

HOSTS: to be held at the Church

LOCATION: Breesport, NY 14816

MEETING DAY: Sunday 9:30am

Intergenerational, Childcare available in the Ark for children & students


Cody Switzer

Jen Switzer

Sean Fitch

Angela Fitch

Dani Nicolae

Kim Nicolae

Drew Cole

Brandee Cole

Len Robinson

Hope Robinson

Josh Williams

Cindy Williams

Coty Allshouse

Amy Allshouse

LEADER: Dan Tobbe

HOSTS: to be held at the Church

LOCATION: Breesport, NY 14816

MEETING DAY: Sunday 12:30pm

Intergenerational, Children welcome


Dan Tobbe

Val Tobbe

Matt Mallecoccio

Lisa Mallecoccio

Kim Cody

Jedediah Estrada

Don Davis

Jackee Davis

Lance Rohr

Becca Rohr

Sam Vroman

Heather Vroman

Fred Ermanovics

LEADER: Ron Pettis

HOSTS: Ron & Betty Pettis

LOCATION: Erin, NY 14838

MEETING DAY: Sunday 5:00pm



Ron Pettis

Betty Pettis

Pete Saukas

Linda Saukas

Larry Westbrook

Stephen Westbrook

Dan Saunders

Beth Saunders

Chad Rexford

Suzie Rexford

Steve Baley

Amy Baley

Becky Kelsey

LEADER: Jeremiah Wheeler

HOSTS: to be held at the Church

LOCATION: Breesport, NY 14816

MEETING DAY: Thursday 6:00pm

Intergenerational, Children welcome


Jeremiah Wheeler

Emily Wheeler

Korinn Klock




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