Visiting Breesport

Thank you for visiting us on the web.  Whether you are just checking out "church"or you are a committed follower of Christ, you are welcome here. Walking into a new church for the first time can sometimes be initimidating or uncomfortable, so we have put together a few answers to some commonly asked questions about church. Please take a look, and also click on the link below to find out how to find us.


What is the service like?

Although we take the worship of God seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We think you will find a welcoming, friendly group of people that will allow you to enjoy the service at your level of comfort. There will be no expectations of you (no "visitors stand up") and there is no need to give when we take the offering. The main two elements of a Sunday Morning Worship service are singing and teaching. The service lasts just over an hour and guests almost always give us positive feedback on their first experience.


What do I wear?

We believe that God cares more about what is in our hearts than the clothes we wear (1 Samuel 16:7). There certainly is no dress code. Feel free to dress comfortably - most do.


What about my kids?

Breesport has great programming for children during each of its services that is staffed with fully trained adults who consider it a great privilege to teach and minister to your children. Each parent of a child 5 years of age and younger, receives a pager in order that they might be contacted during the service for any reason.

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