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Sundays Starting at 9:30 am

Your child is precious to Jesus and precious to us.  Serving newborns to 5 year olds, the ARK is the place to be!

Whether they need a nap, cuddling, activities like games and songs or Bible verses and crafts, we are pleased to focus on your child while you attend an Adult Bible Fellowship, Worship Service, Wednesday Evening Gathering or Sunday Evening Celebration. 

The ARK is located in the newest part of our building and was designed with safety and security in mind.  All modern building materials, a secure check-in and pick-up system, and well trained, loving church members care for, protect, and challenge your pre-kindergarten children.

"Help, I'm New"

The ARK reception opens 15 minutes before adult classes and worship services are scheduled to begin and stays open for 15 minutes after the services have begun.

If you visit, be prepared to leave special instructions the first time you are with us (allergies, nap times, etc.)

We recommend that you deliver your child to one of the workers with a short good-bye and leave the ARK area.  This gives our team the most amount of time to get to know your child(ren) and acclimate them to their surroundings and other children.